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Does your organization, or part of it, show any of the following Symptoms?

  • Slow down in Business and Losing Confidence on yourself
  • Losing Market Share a Little at a time and not responding
  • Your key personnel slowly being boiled and not responding to an ever-changing market place
  • Your marketing plans moving at a snail’s pace and are you really dissatisfied with that speed
  • Your competition coming out with new products, promotion and programs while you aren’t sure in which direction to go
  • Competitors seem to be more aggressive and they are eating away your market share
  • Customers are dissatisfied with your sales and service team
  • Your Distributors & Dealers are behaving like Son - in – law and never follow company policies
  • Organization growth and profitability are deteriorating
  • Facing liquidity problems, time and again
  • You have Idea for new business but don’t know how to do it or enter
  • Facing problem how to expand and increase market presence, Etc ....