We are here to provide Customized Marketing and Management solutions to increase profit, by capitalizing resources Efficiently and Effectively.



To make Management Business Discipline To democratize business consulting competencies and skills to make them available to everyone.



Credibility, we act with professionalism, Collaboration, we apply interpersonal skills, Integrity, we commit to our agreements.

Company Profile


– KARMA Diamond – Process & Trading

– KARMA Fashion – Women Clothes & Trade

– KR Financial – Financial planning & Support

– KARMA Consultancy – Management & Marketing



KARMA is a consulting firm providing holistic solution to all kind of business ranging from startups to well established companies.

We assist startups to establish their self from beginning to a brand identity, SME to improve management, marketing, and develop brand value, where as for established companies to increase brand awareness as well as profit through utilizing available resources in maximum, connect with customers through two way interactions.

Karma consultancy was started in the year 2011 with the sole purpose of helping firms to development and implement effective management & marketing strategies that will lead to greater sales and improved brand value to achieve desired success.

Within a short span of few year, we have cater to more than 14 companies in India and we have added our presences in following countries like, India, and Colombia we have our own offices, where as Singapore, Sri – Lanka, Ecuador, USA we are working collaboratively etc with one aim Business Transformation trough Science and Art.

Why Us?

We consider our clients as major stakeholders in the growth of our firm and feel that their progress indirectly leads to our own development. Hence, we personally make sure that all the steps involved in developing, planning and implementing of the strategy are carried out properly. A properly designed Transformational Marketing Strategy can revolutionize a brand and lead to improved revenues and brand equity. At Karma Consultancy, we customise marketing solutions as per the respective needs of the concerned client. This type of customization ensures optimum utilization of company’s resources and avoids any waste of financial and human resources. To sum it up, we take up the load off the client and make it a personal responsibility to negate all the issues and maximize the available opportunities.

What We Do?

We are one of the fastest emerging marketing firms of Gujarat and we keep on evolving with changing time and environment. The USP of our company lies in our unique working style and methodologies. We design uniquely tailored results for our clients that are don’t just increase sales, but are purely holistic in nature. When a firm hires us, we start working for the firm as a part of it, and not as just an outsider. We discuss various issues and needs of the company and suggest various strategies, to handle the issues and fulfil the needs, with its top executives. Our work is not just completed there as, we make sure there is a proper implementation of the action plan. By collaborating with the firm’s marketing team, we ensure that the plan is properly carried out and desired results are achieved.