International Marketing
Global brands thrive through strategic localization.
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Local to Global
Local roots, global reach—business thrives everywhere.
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Legal Support
Navigating global commerce: legal experts ensure success.
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What We Do

Our Project, ESG & Tech Consulting Services.

Karma started with aim to help startups, SME and MSME’s,  we’ve grown substantially thanks to our strong client relationships. We help businesses increase their value through our wide range of consultancy services.

Managed Services
Streamline IT operations, enhancing efficiency, security, and business continuity.
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Process Optimization
Streamlining workflows boosts efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances overall performance.
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Recession Strategies
Adopt flexible budgets, diversify investments, reduce expenses, prioritize activities.
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Advanced Analytic
Advanced analytics transforms data into actionable insights rapidly.
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We offer optimal solutions for your development.

A business consultant is a professional who offers expert counsel and direction to businesses and organizations, aiding them in enhancing performance, resolving issues, and attaining their objectives.

Insights & Analytics
We consistently deliver comprehensive, business-focused solutions to every client.
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Business Advisory
our Consulting services enhancing strategy, efficiency, and profitability.
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Strategic Marketing
A Marketing strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired ends.
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Survey & Analysis
Study and analysis of gathered information for evaluation purposes.
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Bring them together and you overcome the ordinary. See what we do

Our expertise

Helping Innovators & Brands Through Cultural Insight.

Management Services
Management services streamline operations, optimizing efficiency and enhancing organizational effectiveness.
Marketing Services
Marketing services involve promoting products through strategic communication channels.
Technology Services
Technology services innovate, connect, and simplify life's complexities seamlessly.
ESG Services
ESG services promote sustainable practices for every type of businss.

Early Stage, Startup to Growth Consulting.

Together, we assist our clients in attaining concrete and quantifiable outcomes. By concentrating on business results, we offer a distinct combination of expertise and skills.
Our proficiency
Turnaround Consulting
Transform your business with Turn Around Consulting: innovative strategies, expert guidance, efficient solutions, and sustainable growth for long-term success.
Our proficiency
Franchise Management
Franchise management ensures consistent brand standards, supports franchisees, fosters growth, and maintains operational excellence across locations.
Our proficiency
Environmental Management
ESG encompasses sustainable practices, pollution control, resource conservation, regulatory compliance, stakeholder engagement, and ecosystem preservation.
Our proficiency
Account Management
Effective account management ensures client satisfaction through proactive communication, strategic planning, and diligent service delivery.
Our proficiency
Company & Business Setup
Professional services in company formation, legal compliance, tax strategies, migration assistance, and global business setup for seamless operations.
Our proficiency
Strategic Consulting
Strategic management involves aligning organizational goals with effective planning, execution, and adaptation for sustained competitive advantage.
Our expertise
Feasibility Studies
Maintaining consistent brand marketing fosters a lasting impression in consumers' minds, enhancing brand recognition effectively.
Our proficiency
Project Management
Effective project management ensures timely delivery, resource optimization, risk mitigation, and stakeholder satisfaction for organizational success.
Politics Karma

Political marketing

We design your political journey with tailored marketing campaigns and image-building strategies.Political marketing is the use of marketing strategies to influence public opinion, promote political candidates, and communicate policy messages. It involves tailoring messages and campaigns to resonate with voters, shaping public perception, and ultimately, winning elections.
Political Marketing Strategies:
Political marketing strategies involve targeted campaigns, branding, and communication techniques to influence voter perception and gain electoral support.
Political Branding & Image Building
Political branding and image building create a strong, memorable public persona through strategic marketing and communication tactics.
Campaign Management
Political Campaign Management crafts and executes strategies to promote candidates, manage public image, and drive voter engagement and support.
Public Relations
Political Public Relations shapes public perception, builds political images, and manages communication strategies to influence opinions and gain support.

Business consulting and digital advisory

We offer digital experience services to startups and small businesses seeking a digital media partner.